Betty Crocker Microwave Cake Maker Review – 3 Stars

Cake Maker

I like cake as much as the next man, as long as that adjacent man is one lover of all things cake. However, like my waistline in recent years my tastes have been expanding and in a bid to be a little more healthy I am no longer eating what I call ’empty calories’. These are the random bits and bobs that you pick up as you walk around and eat without knowing e.g. crisps, biscuits etc. In fact, I now only try to eat cake if it is home baked and it would be rude to say no.

The ‘Betty Crocker Cake Maker’ lets you make homemade cakes, but not really. This set is designed to work alongside the Crocker cake mixes you can get. Add the mix and some other ingredients then nuke it in the microwave. The result is impressive enough in that it is fast and you get a cake like thing to eat in a few minutes, but it’s not really cake as you know it. Perhaps it is the brand of mix, but it was a little tasteless and lifeless; almost taking the joy out of cake eating. No, as a cake maker, this pack is only as good as the mix.

However, as a large and easy to clean microwaveable bowl, this is great. After the great cake experiment I have instead just used the bowl to heat food and it is a good size and keeps the food nice and warm. I imagine that there are easier and cheaper ways to get a good quality microwavable bowl, but if you are planning to get one and also want to make cakes, then this is certainly an option.

3 Stars

Marvel Classic Legends Series – Wolverine Review – 5 Stars @hasbrouk


Toys are meant to be played with, but is a model a toy? The ‘Marvel Classic Legends Series – Wolverine’ is a model of everyone’s favourite Canadian sociopath and is in the style of his vintage X-Men outfit. As soon as you get the action figure you realise that this is no ordinary beast, for one thing the size is impressive. At 12 inches it dwarfs the GI Joe style figures of my youth and it would crush any WWE wrestling doll you put in front of it. In the pack you can change Logan up by removing sections and using the spare parts. Do you want his face or the mask; claws in or out? The figure itself is also fun to play with as the joints are movable. You can pose him in attack or defence, or just play around as you would any toy, but should you even get it out of the box?

This figure has a quality look and feel to it that suggests it is designed for the collectors market, rather than the toy market. It comes at a premium price, but for that you do get a large figure and plenty of pieces to play with. The detailing is high, with muscles and veins popping aplenty. The box itself is ok, but Wolverine would work best out of the packet and used as a model. Personally, I think that toys are for playing with and you would be unlucky to discover that it was this model that was worth thousands boxed in the future. Better to live in the now and mess around with it, lose pieces and have some joy in your life.

The excellent thing about this model is that you can do either. It is a great looking statement piece for a collector; either boxed or out of the box on a desk. It is also a fantastic toy to play with. The subject matter may be a little vicious for the 4+ market, but a slightly older child will love acting out superhero adventures, especially if they get more of the collection. This ‘Legends Series’ is the type of toy range you dreamed of as a kid; exciting, well made and fun to play with.

5 Stars

Prestige Kitchen Hacks Nesting Frypans Review – 4.5 Stars @YourPrestige

Fry Pans

There are not that many things that I treat myself in life with, but somethings are just too important to buy on the cheap. Shoes are vital that you buy quality as you will be walking on them for miles; cheap shoes will just fall to pieces. My experience has been the same with frying pans; buy cheap and you regret it soon after; the non-stick starts to deteriorate quickly and the build quality is just not there. Take it from me, spend a little more on a frying pan and live a far happier life.

A good option is the nesting set from Prestige Kitchen. These 20 cm and 24 cm pans actually click together with their handles, so don’t take up as much space as they might. Only being 24 cm max, they are never going to take up too much room and I would say that the 24 cm is just about big enough to cook up a family meal, but an extended family would probably need a bigger pan. What these pans lack in width, they make up for in depth. Not quite wok deep, these frying pans are certainly deeper than I am used to and this means that the food does not spill over the edge as often.

In terms of build quality, the pans are great. There is a nice weight to proceedings and the handles are sturdy, connecting to the pan itself well. The non-stick is also of the highest standard, requiring little to no oil and cleaning impeccably. That is except for one bit. Where the handle meets the pan are two metal studs; these create a sturdy connection, but also an oasis of non-stick. The only real failing of these pans is that all the crust and goo is attracted to these two studs and they can be a pain to clean and not as hygienic as the rest of the pan. A small annoyance perhaps, but one that does not have the same prestige level as the rest of the pans.

Kanoodle Head-to-Head Game Review – 5 Stars @LRUK


Battleships is a fun game, but a little slow. In today’s Amiga generation they want fast entertainment that keeps their brains ticking over like only James Pond can. ‘Kanoodle Head-to-Head’ is a simple, but effective party game that will have two competative siblings firing pieces of plastic at each other for days. The aim of the game is simple; both players sit on opposite sides of a board that is a little Battleships-esque, but unlike that game they both work from the same start. You have to copy the image in front of you by using the plastic moulded beads provided. Once you match these Tetris style beads you press the button in front of you and it flings the opponents pieces flying! What says good winner better than flinging the pieces in their sorry faces?

The game can be a little heated due to the intense nature of trying to solve the puzzles as fast as you can, but that is the joy. If you do lose and see that your opponent did not actually have the correct result a local family solution may be required; as little violence as possible please. The game is compact and best played on a flat surface, but can be used on your travels (although pieces are likely yo get out of reach). The entire thing packs away into the board, so it is something that does not take up too much space and comes with 80 variations in design to copy so it has a lot of replay value.

Minecraft: The Nether and the End Sticker Book Review – 2.5 Stars

Minecraft Sticker

Minecraft certainly has a distinct look to it and the ‘Minecraft: The Nether and the End Sticker Book’ aims to capitalise on this.  The book is essentially a sticky activity book that follows a loose story around one of the Minecraft worlds.  I am not an expert on the subject and after reading this am no more the wiser.  The book is aimed at the Minecraft fan and younger spectrum at that, 6-7 perhaps.  The book has plenty of stickers, but not all of them are well used.  Some are for the activities in the book, but a lot are miscellaneous.

The book even partakes in the worst sin that a sticker book can; that of producing countless bland stickers all squashed together so that they can claim there are loads of them.  There may be plenty, but many are not that fun.  I also had an issue with the darkness of the book.  Minecraft images don’t always look pleasant on the page, but with the muddy and dark images here they look awful at times, even the stickers cannot help too much.

Despite reservations on this particular Minecraft book, for a fan it will still provide plenty of fun.  The games on offer may be a little opaque to some, but for a fan they will make perfect sense and they can start playing straight away knowing who the characters and locations are.  Just make sure the child you are buying this for is a true Minecraft fan before buying it as the appeal of the book will not cross over to the non-fan.

2.5 Stars

Learning Resources Bright Basics Busy Barn Review – 4 Stars @LRUK


Learning Resources are a company that are walking a tightrope between producing toys, but also educating a child.  Fundamentally, a farm set is educational as you learn about animal husbandry, but is that really STEM based?  It is more imaginative play and a little motor skill based.  Therefore, for the ‘Busy Barn’ to hit their remit it needed to be more than just a barn with a couple of animals.  It is this, but also a little bit more.

For a farm it is not over populated with animals which is a shame; you get a cow and her calf and some chicks who are in the roof space.  You will probably want to supplement the toy with more figures that you have; most children will have some suitable pigs or dinosaurs knocking around the place.  The thing that separates ‘Busy Barn’ from other farmyard toys is that there are some more interactive elements that are aimed at developing motor skills.  You can turn a wheel, flick a switch and open and close the doors.  For a relatively small farm, there are lots of little things to try out.  This is a good toy for someone who does not have a huge amount of space and does not want to be burdened with a massive farm.

As this is a toy aimed at a toddler audience it works well; colourful with nice chunky things to grab onto.  The build quality is also good, everything is kept simple so that it is easy to use, but also harder to break.  If there was a few more animals to mess with this would be a great little kit in of itself, but you will probably want to add some more toys to it to make played with more.

4 Stars

Learning Resources Magnets Activity Set Review – 4.5 Stars @LRUK


The Learning Resources Collection of toys offer a way for children to have fun with science.  Many of them are a set of activities rather than a game, this means that there is not a huge amount of structure to what you do.  However, as long as there are enough varied and fun things within the pack, no end game is not really an issue.  The ‘Magnets Activity Set’ is a great example of just having fun with what is in front of you.  Magnets are pretty much a riot anyway and anyone with iron filings or a train set with magnets has already played with magnets and enjoyed them.  This set takes a step forwards and does some cool stuff that will make your child think a little.

All the activities revolve around magnets, but Learning Resources have done a great job of thinking of different things you can do from mazes to cars that attract (or don’t).  Perhaps the most impressive element are the rings that seemingly float in the air.  This is a clever way of using magnets to stimulate the imagination.  Not only are the rings fun to play with, but inquisitive minds will want to know why they are floating.

The kit also comes with some activities to try, both using the equipment that comes in the pack, but also by adding extra bits.  The set is 5+, probably because the pieces are a little small.  The age group is reflected in some of the experiments it suggests; kids will need to think a little outside the box and do some assembly.  With an assortment of colourful magnets to try out, this set is fun just to mess with, but Learning Analytics have done a grand job in also stimulating the academic mind.  This is a simple set, but one of the most fun that the manufacturer as designed.  Magnets are cool!

4.5 Stars