Tiny Love Deluxe Gymini – Tiny Princess Tales Review – 4 Stars @TinyLoveUSA


The word deluxe and baby mat don’t really have to go together as my baby will just as happily lie on an old towel as any fancy flooring. However, something a little prettier does make the house look nicer and if it has added elements it will help entertain your baby as they develop. The ‘Tiny Love Deluxe Gymini’ is a standard play mat, but with a few extra touches that shows the quality. Like many of these mats you have to construct the arches by clicking them into the corners and then attaching them together in the middle. One of the elements you are paying a little bit of a premium here for is the central housing; this acts as a way of keeping the two struts together and not pinging around the place. It is a very appreciated and simple fix.

Elsewhere the mat is quality; the toys themselves are plush and full of interactive elements. Best is the musical/noise making bird. Designed to slide into the central housing it is easy to secure and stays in place. I was very impressed at the sheer range of noises and songs on offer; I lost count. In the past I became used to the same three or four songs on repeat, but here they are numerous enough that it has not been an issue. A nice touch is that the music will play should the central bird noise maker be hit; another great interactive layer.

There is quality throughout the ‘Tiny Love Deluxe Gymini’. Some will question the aesthetics slightly as the large eyed animals are a little twee, but at least they are bold and clear for a baby to focus on. The white base was also an interesting option as it stains more obviously. I also think that the slick material chosen is waterproof yes, but a little cold at first and will need warming slightly for more sensitive children. Aside from a couple of mishaps, this is a high quality play mat that if you like the look of would be a good purchase for a 1-6 month old. The plentiful songs and quality alone make it a better purchase than many on the market. These elements can be removed from the mat at a later date and played with for years.

4 Stars

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