Maxi-COSI Tobifix Group 1 Car Seat Review – 4.5 Stars @MaxiCosiUK

Maxi cosi tobifix

Speak of car seats and the name Maxi-COSI will spring up quickly; they are one of the premium brands you can get. So prevalent are they often catered for with generic pushchairs so that you can fit your Maxi into them. This is not going to happen with the ‘Tobifix’ as it is not only too large to be pushed around as a pram, it is also perma-fixed to the Isofix element on the bottom. This may prove an issue for some as you will need to buy an additional seat to cover 0 and 2 stages, the ‘Tobifix’ is Stage 1 only.

Bearing in mind that you should know about this already, it being Stage 1 only is not a huge issue as it is a stage that can last for a couple of years so buying a quality seat to house your child from 9 months to 4ish is not a bad idea. And you so get a quality seat – it is fantastic. Compared to the generic seat I used to have it is far more comfortable and easy to fit. The Isofix elements slot in with ease and you get a green/red element that tells you whether it is positioned correctly. Once you click it is the first time, it takes seconds to do again and feels very secure.

The seat itself is made of a robust and good looking material. The headrest can be easily pulled up when your child gets older and it takes the seatbelt with it – no more having to thread the belt every few months are your child grows. It is clear that a lot of thought has gone into making the Maxi a quality piece of engineering so that you feel like you are getting your money’s worth. With no seat belt option it does work in older cars, but this has not proved an issue for us as we move it from modern Isofix to modern Isofix with ease. If you have the money and want your child to sit in a comfortable Stage 1 seat the ‘Tobifix’ is a fantastic option. As wellbeing comfy it is also easy to fit and clean – important things when you have a toddler sitting in it.

4.5 Stars

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