Splash About Kids Floatsuit Review – 4 Stars @SplashAboutUK


Some children love the water, be it the bath, a swimming pool, or even just a puddle. When you take a toddler to the swimming baths, you want them to have fun, but also be safe. My child is confident in the water, but not a great swimmer, she just loves it in there. With constant supervision she is fine with armbands, but they are awkward and she gets a mouthful of water a few times each trip. The ‘Splash Floatsuit’ won’t allow them to swim without your help, but it is a great way for them to get their balance in water and slowly build them up as a better swimmer.

Unlike armbands, the buoyancy here is around the chest and back in the form of pockets that contain a floating foam type material. Initially it can take your child a little while to get used to the shift in weight to the chest and back, but once they get the hang of it it leads to a more natural swimming position and encourages them to lift their heads above the water. Once they get the hang of the suit and can start to paddle well you can take out some of the floats so that they are slowly learning to swim on their own.

From the look of the suit it can seem like it is a life jacket type things that will allow your child to float around, this is not the case. With the flotation devices all around the chest and back a child just leaving themselves to the fates will struggle. This suit is to aid swimming development, with good positioning your child will take the slack of swimming themselves and not rely so much on the suit. Just be aware when putting a child in the ‘Splash’ for the first time that you help them get the hang of it.

4 Stars

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