Star Trek: Voyager – Her Klingon Soul by Michael Jan Friedman Book Review – 3.5 Stars

Her Klingon Soul

A lot of the Star Trek tie in novels are nonsense, but some are fun nonsense, whilst others are just bad.  When done correctly they can throw off some of the burden of being on TV and be a fun adventure that would cost too much to shoot.  ‘Her Klingon Soul’ by Michael Jan Friedman is a prime example of when they get it right.  Yes the story is silly, but at least it is great fun.

B’Elanna Torres has always been caught between her Human side and her Klingon side.  It annoys her no end that people assume that she is a certain way, therefore the Klingon Day of Honor is always going to make her blood boil.  The crew of the Voyager think that she wants to celebrate it, but B’Elanna just wants to be left alone.  Perhaps a stint on a prison planet will help?  This is where B’Elanna and Harry Kim find themselves once captured.  Can the Klingon/Human use both sides of her personality to survive the radioactive mine?

‘Soul’ is part of a wider series of Star Trek books called ‘Day of Honor’.  They all purport to have links to the Klingon holiday, but most times this is tenuous.  This particular outing is really just another adventure that happens to be set on that day.  You get a little bit of to and froing from B’Elanna about how the day feels, but there is little reason that her thought processes could not have happened another day.  She is constantly aware of her dual personality.

With the shackles of the Day of Honor loosened you are provided with a fun action story.  The main thrust of the book is B’Elanna and Kim on a prison planet.  It is here that B’Elanna is able to study her two sides.  Can she lead the prisoners in a rebellion?  Friedman does a good job of creating a believable prison planet and has some dastardly villains.  The various fights, riots and escape attempts make for some entertaining reading.  We do learn a little bit about the Day of Honor, but it does not interfere with the action.

‘Her Klingon’ soul is not the greatest piece of science fiction ever written, but it certainly one of the more fun Star Trek tie in books.  The action is breezy and a lot happens over a short space of time.  Out of all the books in the ‘Day of Honor’ series, it is the most fun and possibly the best.

3.5 Stars


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