Bathroom Boogie by Clare Foges and Al Murphy Book Review – 4 Stars @ClareFoges

Bathroom Boogie

Every day I leave the house with the feeling that I left it in a pretty tidy state, but on my return some things always seem out of place.  This is especially true of my bathroom.  Why is there toothpaste on the mirror, or a flannel on the floor?  It would appear that I may not actually be to blame and that when I am at work all the bathroom items come out for a boogie.  Will I ever catch them in the act?

Clare Foges and Al Murphy return with another jolly rhyming book that explains what happens when you are not around.  Whilst the [[Kitchen Disco by Clare Foges and Al Murphy]] concentrated on the fruit and vegetables getting down, ‘‘Bathroom Boogie’’ explores what happens with the shampoo and toothpaste when you are not at home.

The best way to describe ‘‘Bathroom Boogie’’ is that it is joyous.  This is a book that is all about kids having fun, from the kooky idea and rhymes to the silly illustrations.  The combination of Foges and Murphy worked wonders in ‘‘Kitchen Disco’’ and ‘‘Bathroom Boogie’’ follows the same format.  Almost the exact same format.

On a positive note, this is no bad thing.  The idea that inanimate objects suddenly pop into life when you are out of the room is great fun for a child and they will love imagining what their bath toys are doing as they sleep.  Foges also returns with her rhymes.  The book is like a song that tells the story about a day in the life of the bathroom.  You are introduced to a series of characters and you even get a repeating chorus that you will be humming in no time.  The best element is once again Murphy’s excellent illustrations.  He has a way of creating colourful and daft characters that you love being with.  The raving toothbrushes are particularly amusing.  Murphy packs each page with drawings so that a child can hunt for everything and one or two elements are designed to make the adult chuckle.

On the surface all elements are once again present for lightening to strike again; idea, song, pictures.  However, the book is a little too similar to ‘‘Kitchen Disco’’, it follows the same format and even the song sounds similar – same tune, different lyrics.  The difference being that the words don’t scan quite as well.  Even so, this is still a great book that is full of fun ideas.  Fans of the first book may feel like it is more of the same, but this is a good same.  New readers won’t know and they will just read a really fun book that will have the family bopping all the way to bedtime.

4 Stars


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