I’m a Celebrity… Where’s Kiosk Keith? by Mark Cowley Book Review – 2.5 Stars

Im a celeb

TV tie in books are rarely tombs that will be added to the Booker Prize Short List, but for a fan of the given show they can offer an amusing aside.  The ‘I’m a Celebrity… Where’s Kiosk Keith?’ by Mark Cowley should make for an amusing Secret Santa or stocking filler for a fan of the show.  First impressions is that the book is homage to ‘Where’s Wally’ and you have to find Keith and various other Celebrity inspired objects/people in the images, but this is only half of the book.  The rest is made up of a whistle-stop tour of each series so far.  A double spread highlights some of the most memorable antics of that year and fans will enjoy reminiscing.

It is here that the book falters as it would have probably just been better as a Find Keith book.  The sections on past seasons are long enough to be a little dull, but too brief so that they do not provide enough information.  Fans will feel a little uncatered for, whilst people just there for the finding game will be bored.  Proceedings are not aided by some of the photos chosen – stills taken from the TV that have not been formatted greatly for the book.

There is hope in the Find Keith sections, but these too are a little disappointing.  Firstly, they all have the same obvious setting – the jungle.  This was always going to happen, but try as he might Cowley is unable to make the scenes look that different.  The illustrations themselves are very colourful and look good.  There is certainly fun to be had finding all the hidden elements.  What I did find a little odd was the generic looking characters.  You are asked to find a certain celeb doing something, but the drawing is just a character and does not really look like them.

‘Where’s Kiosk Keith’ feels like a tie in book were a decent amount of thought and effort has gone into it, but a little more could have made it fun for both fans and non-fans of the show.  Simple things like varying the setting or adding lookalike celebrities would have helped.  Also the book is a large format, but not quite big enough.  A little more room would have allowed the fun drawings to pop even more.  As it is, the book caters for those that it should do – the fans.  They will get a fun diversion with the Find Keith illustrations, as well as a trip down memory lane.  However, none fans will be left with nothing much, but would they really want to pick up this book?  With great Find Keith images, they may just have done.

2.5 Stars


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