Flask Agghh, Saviour of the Coffee Drink: @pioneerigl Double-Wall Vacuum Travel Flask – 5 stars


The flask was once the denizen of the walker; a tool you would use so that you could have a hot cup of tea on top of a hill. Fast forward to today and I use a flask each morning for my coffee, it is a convenient way of keeping my drink warm as I rush around my daily business. Having the old fashioned huge flask with little plastic mug on top is not what I need, something like the ‘Pioneer Double-Wall Vacuum Travel Flask’ is called for. This flask does the same thing keeping your drink warm for several hours (or cold if you add a cold drink), but it also works as a good drinking vessel that does not require an additional mug to be carried.

Larger than your average cup of coffee to hold, it actually contains just a little more than a large mug. The flask itself has been developed so that you can carry it around with ease and use it in an office environment or in the car. The groves all along the flask mean that it fits the hand easily and although metal, the double layer of wallage means that the heat does not radiate into your hand. The weakest part of a flask is always going to be the top and this is the case here. It screws on well and is airtight, but I am a little weary of the rubber seal that you lift when drinking. To me this will be the point in which the flask eventually fails as the rubber will perish or tear. However, so far there has been no issue at all with the seal and I could be imagining a future that does not come to pass. As it stands, the ‘Pioneer’ is a very good drinking flask, especially for hot coffee lovers.

5 stars

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